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Pros and Cons of going back to Cambridge

A rational decision making process

Songs to help you break-up with Cambridge

By being about places that are much, much better

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A stage by stage account of how being alone in the bubble makes you go batshit crazy

Everything wrong with Christmas in Cambridge

Bah humbug

REVIEW: Cambridge Ghost Tours

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In defence of: Doing nothing over Easter

Read this if you dare

‘Whose University?’ have got it all wrong

The ‘WU?’ Campaign is just entitled, brattish foot-stamping, says FRANCESCA RYCRAFT-MOORE

Sex in the Cam – Week 8

As the term starts drawing to a close our mystery columnist starts looking to how she’s going to occupy herself in the holidays

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC loves the Jubilee but aint a fan of Polly Toynbee.

Simon Norman

SIMON NORMAN is a bit lost, but it’s OK – being lost can sometimes mean finding yourself/a patisserie/ at least a Starbucks coffee.

Cambridge – Give Us A Break!

There’s no denying that Cambridge is a wonderful experience, but sometimes it would be nice to have time to appreciate it.