Sorry I punched you

Georgina Hammerton: Week Six

As the most gender normative girl on earth I’ve never experienced much homophobic abuse.

Except for the time when after one too many I started passionately making out with my best friend in Life. One girl didn’t like to see two girls locked in such a fiery embrace and decided to rip out a huge chunk of my hair. Very rogue move on her behalf to say the least.

Stairway to hell.

After said incident I immediately burst out crying. But this was mostly because I was now bald. Not because I was particularly affected by her homophobic comments.

Then last night while walking out of Gardies, doing the nightly rounds, ten men followed me and my two friends and started shouting “you fucking faggot”. That was one of the friendlier comments directed towards my male friend.

At first we tried to ignore them and walk away. Kind of a little jog to politely indicate they should fuck off.

By the time we reached Subway I was peckish. I had finished my cheesy chips now time to move on to the meatball marinara.

Gardies’ finest. Grim.

No. In all seriousness, what really happened was that trying to reason with the boys was getting us nowhere.

We were standing alone in the pitch black outside a foul smelling sandwich shop being pushed and shoved and yelled at by a group of ten homophobic dangerous men.

I was horrified.

And pretty scared.

Luckily, it didn’t take long to attract a crowd. People began to run over and attempt to help break up the situation. And when the police arrived they scarpered the scene like rats.

Unfortunately for them, I was a quicker rat.

I chased them down the street taking their photos as I ran. Meanwhile also yelling that I would see them in court. My friend was standing behind me screaming wildly: “Would you get some humanity!”

The police looked slightly terrified in the front seat of the car as they drove us home and I ranted on about how they would get what was coming to them.

People say the way you react to a situation is a pretty good indicator of the kind of person that you are. This occurrence has done two things. One proved that I am literally nuts. And two opened up my eyes to the bullshit that one of my closest friends has to think about and deal with on a daily basis. From that perspective I am grateful to those stupid homophobic pricks.

I still believe that Cambridge is a positive and supportive place in general, where literally every single one of my guy friends are gay. But maybe, I’m just not as naive as I was two days ago.

And I also need to stop drunk messaging my mum in the Cindies toilets. It’s not funny. It’s just weird.

To the lovely, helpful man from Catz who I accidentally punched in the face while trying to hit one of the other guys. I am very sorry. If your ever free then I’d love to buy you a drink to say thank you.