Don’t you hate it when you can’t find anywhere to watch the big game?

It’s a scenario more desperate than getting turned away from Cindies…

There’s just minutes until the big game kicks off, it’s belting down with rain and you’re charging about town desperately looking for a bar that’s showing the match.

This is no way to be getting score updates

Do you?

a) Stand outside Currys and watch the game unfold on the display TV in the window while a boisterous tramp mercilessly heckles your choice of team.

b) Give up and head into the nearest pub with a TV. It doesn’t matter everyone else drinking in there is an actual corpse and they’re showing the indoor bowls, sport on TV is sport on TV. Right guys?!

c) Go home, pick up some warm tinnies and sit by yourself as you wrestle with thousands of pop ups, offering every imaginable mucky pleasure, and intermittently get to watch 3 minutes worth of jittery footage of the match complete with strangely impassioned Korean commentary roaring out of your tiny, pathetic laptop speakers.

d) Download the free MatchPint app, see which pubs around you are showing the sporting event you want to watch, head over and enjoy the match in the warm bosom of a buzzing atmosphere, surrounded by fellow fans and with a glass of something delicious in hand.

Hint – It’s not A, B or C. It’s never A, B or C.

Make sure you and your mates aren’t left with nowhere to watch the match

Think of us as the complete package, the Roger Federer of sport apps if you will – universally loved, good looking and capable of delivering when the pressure (to find a boozer showing the game) is on.

You can download the free MatchPint app on iPhone and Android here.


Who’s interested in a free Guinness for a friend during England v Australia this Saturday?

Guinness and rugby go together better than a yard of port and an entire wheel of brie for breakfast, meaning we’re damned proud to announce that rugby fans in Cambridge will be able to grab a free pint of the black stuff when a friend buys one.

Simply check-in via the free MatchPint app once in one of five participating Cambridge pubs to earn your 2-4-1 Guinness voucher, redeemable at the following venues all Saturday afternoon.

The Alma
Portland Arms
Sir Isaac Newton
The White Swan
The Earl of Derby

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