Tab Fashion likes: Cambridge Charity Fashion Show video

Their new vid is pretty cool.

Cambridge House charity CUCFS fashion Instant Impact

Unless you’ve been living under a library-shaped rock for the past month then you will know that next term will be seeing the first ever Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show (CUCFS).

But, so that you won’t all be spending your Michaelmas and Christmas holidays feeling sad and empty in anticipation of this event (a brutal reminder of those painful waits between the Harry Potter books) the CUCFS team has been proactive in feeding our fashion hunger in the meantime.

Thus enter their new video, which can boast of being ‘in the final rounds’ of a national video competition entitled: ‘Why does your society best represent your University?’ Accordingly they have managed to slip in the usual stereotypical images of Cambridge, which, although not entirely relevant to the fashion show, surely will help them in the competition.

The main thrusts of the video are (a) that the Fashion Show is not all about fashion, rather for creatively minded people/people who want to be entertained by creatively minded people, and (b) that it’s supporting a really great charity: Cambridge House.

The snazzy editing makes this video well worth a watch and you will be on tenterhooks in anticipation of the next ticket release. Probably.