Homophobic leaflets comparing gay people to paedophiles distributed around Cambridge

A ‘sinister monk’ has been stalking the streets of Cambridge giving out vile leaflets

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A man in monk’s robes is delivering leaflets around Cambridge which compare gay people to paedophiles.

PinkNews reported that leaflets titled ‘The Work of Darkness’ were delivered in the Mill Road area of Cambridge – in the ward previously represented by trans ex-councillor Sarah Brown.

The leaflet claimed: “It is a fact that Gays want no age of consent” and that transgender people “are possessed by demons and need counselling and exorcism”.

Students have been shocked and outraged by the news.

Speaking to the Tab, Eddie Angel, The Communications Officer of CUSU LGBT said: “This man’s views are utterly appalling and defamatory and have no place in modern society.

“I’m sure almost all Christians will be disgusted that he is using their faith to justify such opinions. We urge anyone directly affected to report the matter.”


Representing paedophilia? I don’t think so.

Jon Spittles, the CUSU LGBT Chair told us that he is saddened that things like this still happen in Cambridge.

“If anybody has been affected by this, don’t hesitate to  get in touch with us at the LGBT+ campaign.”

 Meanwhile, Jack Renshaw, a second year at Sindey Sussex told the Tab: “CUSU-LGBT completely condemns the homophobic and transphobic material that has been distributed in the Mill Road area.

“Sexual orientation and gender identity is NOT a choice, is NOT a sin, and all people should feel free to be themselves without experiencing the religious intolerance of others.”

He added: “The condition is NOT caused by the wrath of god, and people living with HIV should not be made to feel wrong because of prejudice.”