Drinks are being spiked in Fez

Cambridge’s ‘coolest venue’ is taking a dark turn, after several reports of spiked drinks prompted Christ’s to respond – with an email

drinks Fez

Alarm has been raised following reports of spiking in one of Cambridge’s main clubbing haunts.

Christ’s sent an email on Thursday to all its students warning of drink-meddling in Fez club.

Speaking of the “nasty” outcome of the crime, the Senior Tutor urged students to “look out for each other all the time”.

But not so fun if you’re spiked..

He went on to say the number of incidents he is aware of “might be part of a serious trend.”

Maybe self-appointed “Cambridge’s coolest venue” needs to step up its security, as a spokesperson for the club claimed to be unaware of any problems.

The email wasn’t exactly a great welcome to Christ’s for the fresh faced first years, with an English student claiming it has made her feel “very weary” of clubbing in the town.

Spiking drinks since 2014

Other than the most common spiking drug, alcohol, it’s a growing trend to slip prescription drugs like muscle relaxants and hypnotics, as well as the famous “date rape” drug Rohypnol into stranger’s drinks.

So maybe when you go to a club that offers “affordable wild debauchery”, you should expect exactly what it says on the tin…