Cantabs must be cleverer as grades level rises

Applicants will now be expected to get 2 A*s and an A

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We’ve have got to be even cleverer, apparently.

Remember the heady days of summer? Strawberries and cream? Champagne and chocolates? Holidaying in Florence? Neither will this year’s applicants.

Instead of the deliriously easy A* and two A’s, they’ll now have to scramble for at least two A*s and an A.

Think again

But weirdly, even if you get the grades it doesn’t always guarantee you a place.

Fresher and Homertonian Josie Dines was offered a place at Newnham as long as she got 3 A*s. She got them but was told that Newnham had not reserved her a place, and she underwent the agony of the summer pool instead.

Dines bitterly told The Tab: “Cambridge is merely cementing their reputation as global leaders in the field of education which they’ve only happened to mentioned to us fifty separate times already this past Freshers’ week.”

Interesting choice…

Another student who didn’t meet their offer told The Tab: “I think it’s high enough as it is. During exam time it’s the last thing anyone needs when really all they want is to go to a good university.”

Will this discourage people from applying? Or just common sense? Let us know below…