How to: Get into Cambridge!!

The dos and don’ts of the personal statement

‘Our Grade, Our Choice’: we’re missing the bigger picture

If we change our attitude to exam results, the class list won’t be an issue.

We’re doubling our firsts, but they’re calling it ‘grade inflation’

Guys, the word you’re looking for is ‘congratulations’.

Cantabs must be cleverer as grades level rises

Applicants will now be expected to get 2 A*s and an A

Proof: booze brings top grades

A clear correlation has been found between the amount of money colleges spend on alcohol and the percentage of firsts they receive.

I Heart Hard Exams

JOE BATES wants harder exams. But not for him: for his little sister.

Provost Pins King’s Slip on Protests

The Provost of King’s College has blamed a drop in grades last year on students attending protests against Government fee hikes.

Lineker Sees Red Over Cambridge Exam System

Gary Lineker has gone on the offensive against a new Cambridge A-level after his son failed to score the grades he needed.


A Fresher from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, has been sent down for FAKING his grades on his UCAS form.