Germaine-king me angry! Medwards’ Miss England hits back at critics

It’s all about equality, insists first-class Cambridge medic recently crowned Miss England 2014.

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Carina Tyrell sprung to BNOC levels of fame last Tuesday as she was crowned the winner of the Miss England 2014 beauty pageant.

The fifth-year medical student from Murray Edwards won over £25,000 in prizes including a luxury holiday to Mauritius, and stands to win $100,000 at the Miss World pageant in London this December.


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However, not all were as impressed with the beauty’s beach bod win, nor the £8000 she raised for charity as a part of her campaign.

“I don’t buy the claim this is not about looks,” said Germaine Greer, renowned ‘feminist’ and holder of contentious views on FGM, to the Telegraph last week.

“If this girl didn’t know what she looked like she wouldn’t have even thought of doing it”

Have Carina’s recent exploits responded to these criticisms with the ardour of Mother Theresa and the sex appeal of Remy from House rolled into one?

The Tab bagged an interview with the beauty in between her current ongoing work in Geneva, where she is helping to find a cure for malaria (Theresa: 0, Tyrell: 1).

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Ready for her cameo on Game of Thrones

Your agent has told me that youre in Geneva working with WHO to find a cure for malaria. Can you tell me a little more about that?

I am working at WHO in the Tropical Diseases Research (TDR) programme. It is a global programme of scientific collaboration that helps facilitate, support and influence efforts to combat diseases of poverty.

I am investigating the prevalence and aetiology of serious infections in young children in Africa and Asia in the hope of finding data which will enable better treatments and reduce the burden of disease and the infant mortality rate, which remains unacceptably high in 2014.

2:0 to Miss Tyrell. Combining naughty-doctor and sailor-girl fantasies since 2014

You have stated that Miss England is about more than just having a pretty face. How would you address Greers complaint that even if that isnt the only necessary characteristic, it is the most important, and conventionally unattractive people will never enter nor win as a result?

Only one-sixth of the Miss England competition is based on your external appearance.

The rest is based on your overall personality and background, your charitable endeavours (all girls raise money for the charity ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ for disadvantaged children around the world), your fitness (we take part in a military run bootcamp), your creativity and consideration of the environment and ethics (we had to make a dress out of recycled and ethically sourced materials), and your talents (all girls must demonstrate something at which they are talented).

Appearances are no longer the most important. A girl who is pretty but with no other attributes cannot win the competition.

That is an absurdly large hat

How would you respond to criticisms that you are not a real’ feminist? What constitutes real’ feminism, for you?

Women are entitled to do as they wish within legislative boundaries. If a women wishes to be judged on her looks, then she is entitled to wish that.

If she wishes not to be judged on her looks, then she is also entitled to wish that.

I would like to think this is modern feminism.