PERVERT ALERT: It Happened in a Flash

Seven times are not the charm as serial flasher targets Cambridge women.

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Since last Thursday, Cambridgeshire Constabulary have been inundated with reports of a bike riding flasher terrorising women across Cambridge.

The young man, said to be tanned and wearing a hoodie, has already flashed 7 women in the past week – with three attacks on one day alone!

Imagine that this is a man.

Preferring to make a get-away, this rude nude in a hood was cycling in all but two of the  incidents, with the victims ranging in age from teenagers to women in their 40s.

Student opinions of the flasher are low. “I’m not a fan of this man with a tan,” said one Selwyn PPS student, channelling Dr Seuss in the process.

Targeting the city centre, Arbury, and the Abbey areas, the attacks by this terror on two wheel have been well spread, with officers linking the 7 attacks to the single perpetrator.

It’s important to cycle with both hands on the handlebars, kids!

A major police investigation has now been launched to find the flasher before any more attacks occur. Patrols are also increased in the affected areas, but students and residents have  been warned to keep a look out for the flasher as it is likely that he will strip again.

Speaking on the matter, Detective Chief Inspector Lorraine Parker said: ‘These are unpleasant incidents and we want to make people aware so they can be alert.

‘I would appeal to anyone with information about these information about these incidents to contact police’

Anyone with information on the matter is urged to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

With perverts in Cambridge seemingly everywhere, we can only hope the identity of this particular flasher will be ‘revealed’ soon.