TEDx presents Oxbridge talks at the Cambridge Union

TEDx return to the Cambridge Union with more ideas worth spreading

The famous TEDxOxbridge event is storming back to the Cambridge Union for a series of fascinating talks.

Oxford and Cambridge will put past rivalry aside and join forces for the occasion, which is inspired by the world-renowned TED brand.

The event, held on 17th May at the Cambridge Union, will focus on Leaps and Boundaries.

The collaboration between Oxford and Cambridge Universities – the UK’s best – together with the TED-Brand will showcase outstanding ideas, presented in an accessible format to all.

This year’s theme centres on the question: “Are the boundaries we set for ourselves enough to restrain us from reaching too far, too fast?”

The world is evolving at a far faster pace than ever before. Rapid advancements in technology allow us to take radical leaps forward in the blink of an eye, or the click of a mouse.

TEDxOxbridge will ask a line-up of sensational speakers what that this means for the future.

Expect inspiring speeches and performances from Aubrey de Grey (‘A roadmap to end ageing’), Lance Howarth (CEO of Raspberry Pi Foundation) and student speaker Sara Serradas (speaking on Universities and Social Innovation) and many other global thought-leaders.

Founded in 2011 by MBA students from the Said Business School at Oxford and Judge Business School at Cambridge, the partnership seeks to use the pulling power of two leading UK educational institutions to invite influential speakers to share their ideas and provoke an inspiring ideas exchange.

The event is held in either Oxford or Cambridge, alternating from year to year.

Last year saw the TEDxOxbridge Timeless Ideas event explore the evolution of ideas, and in 2012 the Unconventional Wisdom event questioned the ordinary.

This year, all students and Cambridge Union members can grab a ticket here for £30 and general admission tickets are £40.

The price is for a full day from 10am until 6pm and includes lunch, all day coffee and refreshments.