Sexual Playlist

JONNY WATKINS and OJ WATSON asked the students of Cambridge what tunes they liked to make sweet, sensuous love to. Turns out it’s not all about Shaggy and Marvin Gaye.

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It’s late. You and your partner(s) have slipped past the Porters, tip-toed up the stairs, and are finally back in your humble abode.

You remove your shirt, whilst the other person removes their jacket. You rip off your trousers, whilst the other subtly removes their helmet (the swap theme was ‘construction workers’).

But wait. Something’s missing, and the sound of students drunkenly making their way to-and-from Cam’s extraordinary nightlife is hardly helping.

So, how do you create the perfect gyrating atmos? What tracks do you like listening to whilst sexually canoodling? We went to find out.

Charlotte from Magdalene

Do you like listening to music whilst indulging yourself in sexual activities? 

Yes. I like listening to something mellow with an electronic beat, like remixes of old-school love anthems, such as Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix) or Prince’s I Wanna Be Your Lover (Dimitri from Paris re-edit). I feel that they really set the scene for what kind of lover I am; mostly traditional but with a little bit of a twist.

(If you wanna download the track FOR FREE, check out Kygo’s FB page and grab it whilst you can)

Oliver from John’s

Not usually, often because I feel it enforces a rhythm on me, and I like to set my own pace.

But if you do? 

I would want something that doesn’t explicitly refer to sex (or any sexual activity for that matter) in any way. Otherwise my own performance almost becomes ironic. It would also have to have no vocals, else it would just be like having a threesome, minus the benefits of actually having a threesome… Something deep house-y, with a soft beat, like Jonas Mantey’s Einfach Sommer.

Oliver loves the soft touch that Jonas Mantey brings to the bedroom

Louis from Clare

It was a truth almost universally acknowledged by the gals at my school that the better a man was at dancing, the better he was in bed. As an objectively terrible dancer, however, and based on the fact that most girls who end up in my room have unfortunately seen me dance, I would never wish to remind them of this maxim. Therefore the bedroom is for me a strictly music-free zone.

Have you ever tried music in the bedroom before though?

I have tried playing music before but there were numerous obstacles. Firstly, logistical – should I create a playlist? How long should the playlist be? If I put my iPod on shuffle I know there is at least a 50% chance an Alain de Botton podcast will come on. Secondly, rhythm – I don’t think my hips could possibly gyrate above 128bpm, yet if the bpm’s too slow, the mood is ruined. Thirdly, jealousy – I don’t want the girl I am sleeping with to be thinking of someone better looking than me, which almost all artists are (apart from Elton John and I’m not playing him).

No. I am a man who plays to my own tune, fucks to my own rhythm. The only music I will be putting on is John Cage’s 4’33, which is, so it happens, just about the perfect length …

Melissa from Caius

I do like listening to music in the bedroom. It helps in generating a consistent rhythm after a heavy night post-Cindies. Or if a sexual partner is lacking, having the right music playing definitely speeds the process of getting in the zone.

What music gets you in the zone?

Something you’d expect overlaying a steamy, passionate scene from a Ryan Gosling movie. Even if it’s a drunk one-nighter, there’s nothing wrong with pretending I’m finally having hot, meaningful sex with the man of my dreams. In fact, I (shamefully) have a playlist ready to hit in such situations, comprised of slow, overly-emotional tracks from the likes of Counting Crows, Train and Paramore.

What’s that playlist called?

The Sex Playlist (obviously…)

Let’s hope Melissa’s parents don’t stumble across this playlist on her itunes

Ben from Sidney

For me, it depends. Urgency, virility and the difficulty of trying to simultaneously undress both myself and whoever I’d convinced to see me naked, meant that my iPod was kept as a distant thought during my sexual experiences as a teenager.

But today?

Mmm… Despite being older and wiser, I sadly remain not-so nifty pre-intercourse. In fact, I sometimes use the odd motivational tune to get the blood back in the right place…

50 cent will certainly help the troops stand to attention


So there you have it – (extensive) studies show that 80% of students enjoy the occasional tune to help spice up the bedroom. Let us know what music helps you get in the mood.