OJ Watson

OJ Watson
Cambridge University


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The Silver Lining of Made In Chelsea

OJ WATSON thinks he’s found a reason to finally watch Made In Chelsea… or at least listen to it.

Erectile Dysfunction Playlist

OJ WATSON is here with some uplifting song choices to help pick you up after suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Footlights Smoker

OJ WATSON feels that… darn it was a mixed bag, but the fresh new marbles shone bright!

Clare May Ball “HMCMB Introducing Stage” Line Up

Clare May Ball are shaking up their musical ents and unveil the line up for the new “HMCMB Introducing Stage”.

King’s Mingle: Oddity

DISCLAIMER: This review saunters perhaps a tad lazily into a film negative of pure adoration.

Tit Hall’s Status Leaving Others Chasing

OJ Watson investigates the truth behind Chase & Status’ booking at Tit Hall’s June Event.

Footlights Spring Revue 2014: The History of Everything

OJ WATSON is impressed with this consistent and well constructed Spring Revue.

ArcSoc Cabaret: Voluptuosus

OJ WATSON couldn’t recommend this year’s cabaret any more if he tried.

August and After @ La Raza

OJ Watson is treated to a beautiful concert by Cambridge’s own August and After.

I’ve turned celibate to save my love life

OJ Watson tells us why he has turned celibate for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t stick to the Status Quo

OJ Watson vents some anger about tossers who can’t appreciate musical diversity.

2014: Strictly for the Dance Floor?

The Tab’s own music editors, JONNY WATKINS and OJ WATSON, take you through what promises to be an excellent 2014 for music.

The Lostprophets are not a lost cause

OJ WATSON believes that we can still listen to the Lostprophets even after the disgrace of Ian Watkins.