BREAKING – King’s to pay Living Wage

In a council vote held last night, King’s surrendered to student activism.

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King’s College has caved to student pressure and promised to pay the living wage to its workers. Previously the worst college in Cambridge in this respect, it is now one of the very few that pays its employees enough to live on.

 The wine-ing paid off

The wine-ing paid off

The Living Wage is just £7.65 an hour and represents the minimum required to pay for the basic costs of living.

Until last night’s decision, over one hundred members of staff weren’t being paid this amount.

This dramatic turn around comes after months of student led initiatives to bring about a change in college policy.

Student demands were met with a sympathetic ear by national newspapers, alumni and eventually, the College leadership.

From demonstrations to leafleting at posh dinners for donors, this campaign has been hard-fought and hard-won.

King’s hand job satisfaction to workers

King’s hand job satisfaction to workers

Andrew Lawrence, a Living Wage activist said, “King’s, as ever, is taking the lead. Now it’s up to others to follow our example and ensure fair and decent pay for all”.

A porter at King’s, Anton Konolratjev echoed this sentiment claiming the move was “great and will make a real difference to the lowest-paid members of staff”.

Which college will be next to step up its game?