Do the Write Thing

Join the most read student newspaper in the UK! It might seem like fun, but that’s only because it is…

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Have you ever wanted to write for The Tab?

If the answer is ‘no’

fine. But remember that when God closes a door, sometimes he doesn’t open a window, and also that you’ve probably just misinterpreted the meaning of the advice ‘just say no.’

But if the answer is ‘yes’

omg! What are you doing reading when you could be writing? Get on board!


That’s only bloody Will Pithers at the front!

The time to join us is now. We consider ourselves one of the best student papers around, and we’re always looking for new writers. Varsity and TCS are good and beautiful establishments but, ultimately, just palindromes of each other who publish articles about peanut allergies.

We tackle the serious stuff. Like trying out a one night stand in Cambridge. And pretending to be Prince William.  We also do tackle the serious stuff. Like exposing the amount colleges spend on wine. And talking about problems students face in a university community.

We like live blogs and puns and blind dates and debates and poems and news and illustrations and advice columns. We dislike bath sessions which turn your fingers into prunes and non sequiturs. And we believe that you should never write an article where the only person interested is yourself.

We focus on life here in Cambridge. We’re the most read student newspaper in the whole of the UK, with about 25,000 views a day, and we want to supply our readers with the best journalistic talent in Cambridge. Which means we want (some of) you.

So if you want to track down class A drugs in the Union, or film yourself giving out chillies in Lola’s, or want to meet Hunter Allen, there’s never been a better time to join us.

He exists off-camera too

He exists off-camera too

Enough with the sassy Pret napkin talk. Come along to the Fountain today (and every Thursday) at anytime between 4pm  and 5pm. Drop in for three minutes. Stay for the hour. Bring an open mind. Bring a smile. Bring a change of pants.

Alternatively, we’re all going to crawl through some bars tonight (hope there’s no glass! that would be total diglaster hehe) starting at Downing bar at 7pm. Check it out:

Come along if you edit Varsity. Come along if you’ve never had a single creative urge in your life. Come along if you’re allergic to peanuts. We won’t publish your woes but we might make you try a fleshlight.

Lil Wayne once said: “I believe that music is another form of news. Music is another form of journalism to me so I have to cover all the areas with my album.”

Which we think says it all, really. What we do is what for Lil Wayne is another form of music.

What are you waiting for?