EXCLUSIVE: Two Thirds of Cambridge Colleges Covered in Cocaine

The Tab’s gritty investigation into the dark heart of Cambridge cocaine continues in Part Two of our gak survey.

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The Tab swabbed bar toilets and washrooms at every college and found a whopping 21 out of 31 testing positive for cocaine traces.

Traces of the drug appeared in Caius, Catz, Christ’s, Churchill, Clare, Clare Hall, Corpus, Emma, Hughes Hall, Jesus, John’s, King’s, Magdalene, Murray Edwards, Newnham, Peterhouse, Robinson, St Ed’s, Trinity, Trinity Hall, and Wolfson.

Out of these, Emma, John’s, Robinson, and Wolfson appeared to show far more cocaine traces than other colleges.

Strong: St John’s shows up with a very blue swab

The ADC student theatre and the University Library also tested positive for the drug. The latter worryingly implies non-social coke snorting.

But Darwin, Downing, Fitz, Girton, Homerton, Lucy Cav, Pembroke, Queen’s, Selwyn, Sidney turned up with no traces on the swabs we used.

Who knows if these colleges genuinely keep their noses clean or just have better cleaners.

Exhibit A

The coke swabs we used are soaked in reactive chemicals that turn blue in the presence of the Class A drug.

These tests are 95 percent accurate in detecting street-level cocaine.

Robinson septum-deep in gak

Ex-cop Dave Rigg who runs Crackdown Drug Testing gave us the swabs we used and confirmed that they returned positive for cocaine.

“Our swabs are designed to work at milligram levels of cocaine, so a substantial amount must have been present on the surface initially.”

Paul Holland, communications officer for Cambridge University, declined to comment.

Of the main offenders, Emma, John’s, Robinson, and Wolfson didn’t want to speak to us at the time of publishing, either.

Ever wonder how Cambridge students pull all-nighters in the library? Now we know. 

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