Varsity XV Announced

Will Briggs has named the team he hopes will bring to an end Cambridge’s Twickenham losing streak.

Cambridge curufc jack wills light blue Oxford twickenham varsity match Will briggs

The match takes place this Thursday at Twickenham.

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(1) Will Briggs (c), Magdalene -23 – Medicine

This year's skipper

This year’s skipper

(2) Tom Pascoe, St Johns -21 – Land Economy

He didn't have a picture on  the website so we had to find him on facebook.

He didn’t have a picture on the website so we had to find him on facebook (sorry).

(3) Frank Sanders, Magdalene – 22 – Medicine

Francis Sanders

(4) Scott Annett, Clare – 28 – Faculty of Education, MEd

The old man of the team at 28

The old man of the team at 28

(5) Jack Baker, St Johns – 20 – Medicine

Jack Baker

(6) Max Mather, Downing – 22 – Land Economy

Max Mather

(7) Andrew Smith, Churchill – 23 – Master of Finance

Andrew Smith

(8) Sam Farmer, Wolfson – 23 – English

Sam Farmer

(9) Harry Peck, Homerton – 23 – PGCE

Harry Peck

(10) Donald Stevens, St Edmunds – 23 – Real Estate and Finance

Don Stevens

(11) Andy Murdoch, Hughes – 22 –  Biological Anthropology

Apparently his nickname is ferret.

(12) Kristian Cook, Hughes – 24 – Land Economy

Kristian cook

(13) Courtenay Morrison, Hughes – 22 –  Criminology

Coutenay Morrison

(14) Nick Jones, Selwyn – 23 –  Environmental Policy

Nick Jones

(15) Toby May, Homerton – 24 – General Primary PGCE

Toby May