Only hours ago Caius voted to disaffiliate from CUSU

caius College disaffiliate harry shukman

Caius has just voted to disaffiliate from CUSU in a landslide referendum.

A whopping 69% of students voted to break away from CUSU only hours ago.

Caius students were outraged that CUSU services were ‘freeloading’ off them.

Days before the disaffiliation referendum, GCSU, the Caius student union, sent out a message to its students questioning why they paid £3819 per year for CUSU to spend on ‘financing its own bureaucracy’.

Caius student union Vice-President Leanne Baker and Secretary Harriet Sykes said that they were  ‘really pleased about the high turn-out of voters as it showed the strength of feeling amongst the students.

‘We feel we’ve got the ability to provide similar services more efficiently’.

Speaking to The Tab, CUSU President Flick Osborne said ‘It is disappointing to learn that Caius students have decided not to remain affiliated to CUSU in 2014-15.

‘In the face of turbulent changes throughout Higher Education, it is more important than ever to have a strongly united student voice. It is regrettable that Caius’ representatives will no longer have a part in this’.

Caius has seen a turbulent term with a huge 9.5% rent rise that left students fuming, boycotting a special formal hall. Now it’s the second college to disaffiliate along with Corpus, while last week Selwyn stuck with the student union.

Rhys Spence, a Caius Land Economist, unsure about the move, told The Tab ‘I don’t really see much of what they do, but I kind of like the idea of having a university-wide union.’

An elated historian was far more positive: ‘Everyone in Caius knows that this is a right thing. I’m really glad the right decision was made.

‘Caius can definitely put the money to better use.’


Additional reporting by Heather McKay