Did the Cambridge Cops Just Call Us TERRORISTS?!

The commissioner of the Cambridgeshire police has justified police spying on students saying he wouldn’t want another Woolwich murder

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Cambridge cops defended ‘spying’ on uni students today because they don’t want to see a repeat of the Woolwich murder in our city.

Sir Graham Bright, County Police Commissioner said he feared a similar incident of Lee Rigby’s murder happening in Cambridge, justifying attempts to ‘spy’ on uni activists with undercover cops.

Tap that, Sir Graham

Apparently confusing the Woolwich murder earlier this year with student socialists organizing forgettable protests, Sir Graham said before the Home Affairs Select Committee, ‘you and I know that there is always that sort of activity taking place.

‘One dreads to think that something could happen in Cambridge like it did in Woolwich’.

Sir Graham also said he had ‘no reason to believe that [cops] acted outside the remit that they had’.

As The Tab reported earlier this month, the boys in blue tried to recruit an activist in his 20s to inform on ‘student-union type stuff’ in exchange for cash.

Cambridge Defend Education, one of the targets of the police investigation said that the bungled effort to infiltrate them ‘constitutes part of a wider attempt by the police, university management and the government to criminalise and suppress dissent within universities across the country’.

The attempted ‘spying’ has enraged students around Cambridge.

Flick Osborne, CUSU president told The Tab they found the cops’ comparison between the Woolwich murder and Cambridge activism ‘distasteful and unfortunate’.

‘The student surveillance at hand here is absurd. We affirm students’ rights to protest peacefully’.

Lucy Wilson, a first year MML student at King’s said ‘I want a full explanation as to why they’ve been spying on us. It’s hard to see the connection between the Woolwich murders and our political groups’.

Local MP Julian Huppert also took the side of the students, saying ‘it seems absurd that the police would try to work this way.

‘Our Police and Crime Commissioner has claimed this is to prevent another atrocity such as what happened at Woolwich. This is absurdist scaremongering’.

Julian Huppert MP: “This is absurdist scaremongering”

When contacted by The Tab, the Cambridgeshire Police declined to comment.

The University, once again, made no statement condemning the actions of the police or defending its students.

The Tab wonders how many terrorists the police think are lurking in Cantab cloisters?