The Tabbies: Best Halloween Costumes In Cambridge

THE GRIM TABBER runs you through Cambridge’s best Halloween costumes!

Blood costumes dress up Fez Halloween Kuda pumpkin tabbies teeth the grim tabber trick or treat Vampire zombie

Cambridge, a place where 80% of social interactions will be done in some absurd costume, was always going to deliver at Halloween. You certainly did this. Let The Grim Tabber run you through this year’s awards:

Best Mask Award

The ingenuity award for turning a bloody fight into a costume

The Best Dedication to Smoking Award (Sponsored by Rizla)

Best Use of Prittstick Award

Special Prize For Being Dedicated Despite Having Boring Friends

Most Environmentally Friendly Costume Award

Special Prize For Looking Cute Whilst Being Dressed Like The Zombie Hulk

Mandy’s Award for the Weirdest Pupils in Fez

The Special Prize For Being A Panda, TWICE

Hardest To Go To The Toilet Award

Joseph Gordead Levitt and Zombie Deschanel get the Most Obscure Concept Award

Best Team Effort

Worst But Best Award

Best Face Paint Award

Best Beard Award

Most Genuinely Scary Award


Meanwhile at Durham, adults dress like sexually aggressive babies…