Plucky Selwyn Record Back-To-Back Wins

Selwyn follow up their 32-0 victory against Pembroke with a classy 19-3 win away to Jesus. DANNY MORRIS reports.

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After back to back promotion, Selwyn-Peterhouse RUFC have found themselves participating in Division 1 rugby. “No way, I thought you were shit”, I hear you cry; “Utter bullshit”, say others.

Last week, SPRUFC overcame a not-so-perky Pembroke and pumped them 32-0: gaining that coveted bonus point. With this win, they sat at the top of Div 1, a place they knew would be difficult to maintain, all the more so with the next fixture being against Jesus.

The boys in gold hoops went into the match with apprehension – they knew it would be a tough game and that they would need to bring out all the stops if they were to come out on top.

However, from kick off, Selwyn seemed to dictate play by holding the majority of possession, with number 10, Craig Winfield probing the Jesus back three with well-placed kicks. On the offence, the boys seemed confident but lacked a little bit of fire with line speeds being a little sluggish. Open play aside, SPRUFC dominated in the scrums – kudos to the Jesus hooker for still managing to win the ball despite being shoved off – and in the line outs. Jesus did manage to spoil a few of Selwyn’s line outs with a quick front pod. Despite the possession, whenever Jesus were in control they did look dangerous with ferocious line speed and special mention to their 15 who made line breaks all match long.

Selwyn rugby

Back-to-back wins is not a bad way to start life in division one

With the score board still looking like two fried eggs, both sides’ defences looked impenetrable. However, Selwyn’s Olli Coombe-Tennant managed to score what was a dubious try: the ball was loose in Jesus’s in-goal area and it was a toss-up to who actually grounded it first. The young ref wished there was a TV crew present but eventually awarded Selwyn the try. Craig Winfield knocked the ball over the posts setting the scores at 7-0.

A disgruntled Jesus retaliated with an impressive drive up field, pressuring the Selwyn defence. Sloppiness, and the referee having an itchy breast pocket, led to a penalty which Jesus happily accepted, getting them on the scoreboard and a sin bin for the Selwyn stand-off.

At the end of the half, the boys in maroon and gold had the wind at their backs and spirits were high. They knew they could dig in deep and forever bask in eternal glory or continue to be the average team that they once were. They chose the glory and came out strong in the 2nd half. Captain Reynolds led his men, scoring within the first few minutes. Winfield’s sin bin ran out in perfect time and it allowed him to return to the field to convert the well worked five points.

Jesus Rugby

“Staring defeat in the face, Jesus rallied the troops and dug down with an impressive onslaught and created multiple chances but the defence from Selwyn was water tight”

Jesus seemed deflated and despite line breaks from their 15, the team couldn’t be lifted. The scrums continued to be Selwyn’s crown piece with 2nd year, Sam Clayton, crushing it at loose head.

Coombe-Tennant, an impressive fresher, crossed the line again putting the under dogs even further into the lead. Sadly, the conversion was missed, setting the scores to 19-3.

Staring defeat in the face, Jesus rallied the troops and dug down with an impressive onslaught and created multiple chances but the defence from Selwyn was water tight and the boys in red and black were shut down at every opportunity. The pressure got to some SPRUFC players and the ref (attack of that itchy breast pocket again) sent two Selwyn players into the sin bin with less than 10 minutes to go. With a weakened defence, supporters from Selwyn thought it only too soon before the Jesus boys scored but through sheer, grit determination, luck and massive balls, Selwyn’s D held like a medieval castle.

The whistle blew and you’d have thought they had won the World Cup, Champions’ League, the Boat Race and got laid all at once – celebrations galore.