Fifty Shades of Blue: Part 6

Find out what lies in store for GEORGINA SKYE, after last week’s Halloween blunder with Dr Blue…

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It’s been over a week since my disastrous declaration on Halloween. If I wasn’t too mortified to tell my friends, they’d reassure me that I’d laugh about it one day…the pumpkin costume, the glow-in-the-dark vibrator, the handcuffs. But I haven’t seen the funny side of it yet. Instead, his voice keeps playing over and over in my head: ‘I don’t believe in love.’

His words have crucified my inner goddess. She fled there and then on that unsteady punt and hasn’t come back since. I’ve been looking for her in the college chapel, to no avail.

Praying hasn’t made this any better so far; it won’t bring Dr Blue back to me. But still I keep coming here, late at night, and kneeling on the cold hard stone. The organ scholar swears loudly as he gets some chords wrong and ‘Fuck!’ echoes around the rafters.

I hear the door open at the front of the chapel, closing soon after with a heavy thud. I don’t bother to get up off the floor, don’t even look around to see who’s entered. What would be the point? It won’t be him. I close my eyes and press my palms together, make it look like I’m deep in prayer so this new intruder doesn’t bother me.

My heart begins to thud as I hear footsteps approaching the pew where I’m knelt. ‘Please let it be him,’ I plea in my head. ‘Please. Just let me see him again, even if he does hate me.’

I’m too scared to open my eyes. I want to be able to imagine that those are his steps for a few moments longer. But after a while I can’t resist. The footsteps have stopped, by the sounds of it right beside me. Slowly, I look up.

‘Miss Skye,’ he says, his eyes more beautiful and blue than I’d remembered. He pauses, staring back at me for a minute before continuing: ‘I’ve decided I need you.’

He’s my divine intervention, stood very close, his crotch suggestively level with my face.

‘Worship me,’ he says, standing before my knelt and submissive body.

I want nothing more. Already I have noticed the bulge beneath his trousers. My brief spell of abstinence has left a lot to be desired. He pulls me through a side door and into the choir room. I trip over a candle left over from evensong and fall into his arms.

My inner goddess is resurrected as I reach for his belt, quickly unbuckling it and reaching for his trouser zip. He exhales in relief and runs his hands through my hair.

‘I’ve missed you, Georgina.’

I don’t reply. My mouth is already full. At least this will stop me from saying anything stupid again, I think as I run my tongue along Dr Blue’s hard shaft. Could he be any more delicious? I feel like I’m having my first meal after a week’s hunger strike.

My enthusiasm soon pays off as his juices flow into my dutiful and longing mouth. The rest of my body is positively prickling with desirous expectation. My prayers now answered, I stand to kiss him, his salty taste still on my tongue. He kisses me back, matching my enthusiasm and moving his hands swiftly beneath my top. He groans as his palm moves under my bra, a deep sexy sound in the back of his throat that reverberates right through me.

I am pouring all the angst and heartbreak of the past week into this kiss, binding him to me. Then it hits me, in this moment of divine passion, that he’s doing the same, he feels the same. He’s the Heathcliff to my Cathy, the Romeo to my Juliet, the Edward to my Bella, the… OH!

Dr Blue has pushed me down onto a bench. The hardness of the wood hammers against my back and my hair gets caught in the buttons of a long white choir robe cast aside after a service. But I don’t care. I need him and all his kinky fuckery, no matter how much it hurts.

Somehow I’m naked and his head is down there. Oh how I’ve missed this. His tongue moves slowly in an upward motion, teasing me before picking up the pace. I cry out in jubilation. Holy fuck, I’m in Heaven!

Fifty Shades of Blue will continue next week