Cantabs Take Prince Harry for a Spin

Prince Harry meets The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in a new parody rap by Cambridge students.

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Two Cantabs have teamed up with a Prince Harry lookalike to produce their second YouTube parody about the controversial royal.

Guy Hayward, a PhD student at Trinity, and Adam Drew, a Clare alumnus, usually sing in chapel choirs and opera productions, but were persuaded to try their hands at rap when they were approached by Prince Harry impersonator, Roddy Walker, who saw their first attempt on YouTube.

The track, a parody of Cindies favourite The Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap, features a trumpet sample from Hubert Parry’s ‘I Was Glad’, as played for the bridal procession in the Royal Wedding last year. A drum beat used in Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’ and Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’ also features.

Drew, 24, told The Tab: “Making this was an unusual experience, what with visiting llamas in Mudchute Farm, disturbing a protest near Buckingham Palace, and wearing borrowed priest robes in a sauna. I was glad to make use of my training with Clare College Choir, and I hope this might help put Cambridge on the map for rap at last, especially after MC Franklyn turned down his place.

Hayward, 26, added: “I’m just finishing my PhD at Trinity on how and why humans chant together. My experiment with rapping in this has certainly added something to my research. We hope people will enjoy this tribute to the much-loved renegade royal and we hope to do something that isn’t about Harry for our next song.”