Daddy Knows Breast

Students in search of cash are turning to Sugar Daddy websites in increasing numbers.

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Cambridge is fourth in the university league table… of students with ‘sugar daddies’. 

Faced with increasing tuition fees of up to £9,000, and an average debt burden of £52,000, ever increasing numbers of female students are joining specialist dating sites in search of rich older men to solve their financial problems.

And according to ‘sugar daddy’ dating site, 42 Cambridge Students have signed up, seemingly undeterred by the prospect of dating one of their friends’ dads.

The website is very open about the financial motivation of its users. Rather than presenting itself as a traditional dating site, its web page describes it as facilitating ‘mutually beneficial arrangements’ between ‘generous’ older men and ‘sexy and ambitious’ ‘Sugar Babies’.

On their profiles, ‘Sugar Babies’ are able to list among other preferences the amount of money per month they expect from an older man seeking an ‘arrangement’ with them.

Sugar Lad-dy: Thumbs Up for Cambridge Students

Nottingham tops the charts of UK Universities with 61 student sign-ups, followed by the University of Kent and LSE.

SeekingArrangement founder Brendan Wade is delighted with the numbers of students joining his site, a trend he puts down to the costs of a university education. Female students who join up are even granted a special ‘College Sugar Babe’ stamp from the site administrators as well as free Premium Membership, and generate up to three times as much interest as other so called ‘Sugar Babes’.

Sugar Daddy websites have been criticised as glorified escort agencies, but Fitz postgrad Noreen Masud was more cynical. “I think it’s just formalising a process that has gone on within the elite universities for years,” she said.

“Don’t they say that there’s no point a girl going to Oxford unless she gets a first, a blue, or a man? It just seems that Cambridge ladies are better at outsourcing their priorities.”