Drape yourself in fabulous textures, shapes and colours. TOM RASMUSSEN merges two of the most iconic fashion eras in this week’s shoot.

20s 90s affordable vintage fashion helena izett Tom Rasmussen vintage

With 20s being such a huge trend this season, and the constant style inspiration that 90s grunge-chic offers, it was time to merge the two.

Mixing looks from two such iconic fashion eras is a way to give any outfit that extra edge. Team the clean, yet statement shapes and colours of the 1920s with that over-patterned, in your face attitude of the 1990s. Try clean makeup, bold outfits – and don’t forget your accessories! Check out this week’s shoot for inspiration.
Styling: Tom Rasmussen

Photography: Eliska Haskovcova

Model: Helena Izett

All clothes from local vintage/charity shops.