Students Told To “Remain Vigilant” After Night Attacks

Cambridge cops have urged students to stay vigilant following two recent attacks in Cambridge late at night.

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Cambridge cops issued a warning to students after two attacks in Cambridge in the last two days.

The message, forwarded to JCRs by CUSU, tells students to stay alert and stick to travelling in groups late at night.

It follows two incidents. The first occurred on October 10th at 3.54am, when police were called to Queens’ Lane after concerns for the safety of a female student.

The second involves a woman in her 30s, who was sexually assaulted on Parker’s Piece at 5.30am yesterday after being grabbed by an unidentified attacker.

The perpetrator was described as being Asian, in his 20s, about 5’8” with short hair and a foreign accent. He was wearing a dark green jacket with a fur-lined hood, blue jeans with a brown belt.

Though the details of this attack resemble those of the “Cambridge Sex Offender”, the police are not connecting the incident with the string of events which occurred last term, and from police descriptions the attackers appear to be different men.

Police also issued a separate warning to students in connection with Operation Majesty, the operation launched to apprehend the attacker when he was at large.

Urging extra caution as nights grow longer, Detective Inspector Billy Bremner said: “Cambridge is a safe city to live in, but I would remind people to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime by keeping to well-lit paths and walking in pairs or groups where possible when out late at night.”

We have put a lot of resources into finding the offender and extra patrols continue in the area, as a result there has not been an incident for more than four months.”