Cam Rioters Face The Music

Three men involved in the Cambridge ‘riot’ in August have appeared in court.

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Cambridge rioters arrested for violent behaviour in August appeared in court on Friday.

Ashely Padgett, 18, and James Patchett, 20, both Cambridge residents, were charged along with a 16-year old who cannot be named for legal reasons. The trio were arrested whilst attempting to replicate the riots that were then devastating cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and London.

The men were part of a large mob that descended on the Grafton Centre, home to many large shopping chains, on the evening of the 9th August.

Cops were quick to arrive on the scene and managed to disperse the violent gang within twenty minutes, breaking them up into groups and herding them away.

The Grafton centre, where the mob headed for

Thugs wearing face masks to hide from any retribution attacked and injured two policemen, but the injuries sustained were not serious.

The riots came as a surprise to many, given Cambridge’s sleepy persona.

“You wouldn’t have expected it to happen in Cambridge”, Michael Wiseman, Director of the Grafton Centre, told The Tab, adding that the incident was “regrettable.”

At the time, Cambridge Deputy Constable John Feavyour said that the violence “will not be tolerated.”

The men were charged with violent disorder, facing up to five years in prison. They were bailed and will appear in court again on the 17th November to face a committal hearing.