Theatre Guide Dog: Week 5

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG holds the fort while you scribble away at your scripts. A few people are still using the other kind of script this week, and here they are.

ADC theatre Cambrdge Arts Theatre Hitler Love Love Love The Producers The Theatre Guide Dog Tv Test Card

You need to see a professional. If you want theatre, that is- there may be other reasons but The Psychiatry Dog is reserved for another day. Even thesps have realised (potentially too late) that they need to revise for stuff, so have reluctantly swapped the self-vaunting of the stage for the self-vaunting of a prominent spot in the library. Here’s what’s moved in to replace ’em.

Love, Love, Love 1st-4th June

It’s set in The Other Place, but don’t let that put you off. Apparently people still fall in love there (the title may have tipped you off to this), especially when it’s the late 60s. You get to see how this pans out for one couple over 40 years; Aristotle will be angry. Playwright Mike Bartlett has done some cool stuff before – people are nice about him in the newspapers and he got an Olivier Award last year for a play called ‘Cock’. Haha, Cock.

Also if you go on June 2nd, Mike Bartlett (the playwright, pay attention) will give a post-show talk. It might help you be less bad. Plus it’s free to anyone who books tickets in advance.

Arts Theatre at 7.45pm (Matinees 2nd and 4th at 2.30pm)  £15-25

The Producers 2nd-11th June

I’m willing to overlook this show’s cardinal sin of describing itself as ‘definitely NOT to be missed’ in its publicity. But only because it’s the only show on earth in which Hitler dances (I am happy to be corrected on this point). Reverence isn’t a strongsuit of this show-about-a-show, which can only be to its credit.

[Be warned: anyone who takes this the message of the show to heart, that trying to create something purposefully awful will result in huge success, can expect to find themselves on the sharp end of a single star]

ADC at 7.45 (Matinees 4th and 11th at 2.30pm) £8-12