Varsity Trip Coach Crashes

The Varsity Trip got off to a hairy start yesterday when one of the coaches crashed on the M25.

The Varsity Trip got off to a hairy start today when one of the coaches crashed on the M25.

The coach, which was carrying Oxford students to Val Thorens, hit a lorry which had jack knifed outside the Clackett Lane services having lost control in the icy conditions.

The coach driver had to be cut out of the vehicle and reportedly suffered a broken leg and wrist.

Several students were taken to hospital but were released with cuts and bruises.

All involved were given a room at a local hotel and will arrive in France at around 3am tomorrow (Sunday), six hours after they were scheduled to turn up.

The Tab understands that the police feedback on the incident confirms that no fault can be attributed to the coach driver, and several students have expressed their thanks for his quick-thinking.

After the incident New College third year Caspar Eliot told the Oxford student newspaper Cherwell that “most people were already asleep when it happened. We woke up when there was a huge bang and a jolt. It was very dark, but we could see a lorry pressed up against the left side of the coach.

“Lots of people were bleeding and hurt, but there was a strong smell of diesel so we left everything and got off onto the motorway through the emergency exit.”

Christian Allen said “it was very scary: the lights went off and everything felt like slow motion. I didn’t even notice how hurt I was until we got inside.”

Third year Adam Sriskandan, who said he had suffered a cut to his nose, told Cherwell: “the worst part was having to jump off the coach when we could see the oncoming traffic coming towards us. It was hard to know whether it could see us and would slow down.”

Varsity Trip President Sam Kirsop told The Tab that the incident was “an unfortunate accident” but that he was proud of his team for getting everyone to the Alps despite the snow closing so many roads and cancelling flights.

Kirsop said: “I heard about the crash at about 3am. I was up all night with two managers from Off The Piste (the tour company running the trip) sorting out the situation”.


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Students have been arriving all afternoon and evening in Val Thorens. Last year’s logistical glitches don’t seem to have re-appeared and there is a lot of excitement about the days ahead.

From tomorrow we will be running a live blog from the Trip, with all the latest photos, gossip and news – as well as a ‘Fit Skier’ competition featuring a few of Oxford and Cambridge’s sexiest specimens gracing the slopes this week.