Street Style: Halloween Highlights

Ghouls, Gaga, and Girls: It can only be Halloween!

fancy dress GaGa Halloween josie filmer lauren york pumpkin sluts slutty vampires

There are several ways to dress for Halloween:
1) As Lindsay Lohan stipulates in Mean Girls – use the holiday as an excuse to show off your goodies.
2) Go Gaga; i.e. use it as an excuse to be fashionably adventurous. I like this.
3) Genuinely looking rather scary. I don’t like this so much.

Sunday night saw all three looks out on the prowl, although Life was dogged with number ones – I’ve never seen so many slutty girls in one smutty club. We asked you to send in your highlights for The Tab’s round-up of the best and worst outfits of the evening…

Photographers: Amrou A-Kadhi, Rose Hall