Lent Bumps Review

The Tab looks back at last week’s Lent Bumps. Who powered to blades? Who got spoons? Find out here

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Now that the dust has settled after Lent Bumps, The Tab reviews the week that was.

What a week. A double headship, blades and spoons flying around the upper divisions and big-money overbumps galore.

Some of it, though, was pretty unsurprising. FaT M1 and W1 have looked good all term, and despite pressure from Downing later in the week, refused to give way, paving the way for one almighty boat-burning lash-up (well, you’d hope so –maybe not in FaT’s case).

Clare M1 were shocking and barely made it past First Post Corner all week, while Emma W1 were unable to turn around a run of poor results and suffered badly.

But Queens’ M1 proved to be even better than we all thought, finishing with an astonishing record of Up 6 after a memorable Day 1 overbump.

Sidney M1 eliminated any doubts about whether they really were better than the shambles of days gone by, while Peterhouse’s men surprised everyone this week, reasserting their claim to shedding the historic “budget boat-club” tagline.

Caius M1 once again reminded everyone to underestimate them at their peril, quietly going about their business on Clare and Tit Hall before shocking Jesus on Saturday to end Up 3. How do they do it? No real form and then just pull it out of the bag. Hats off to them, although with all that horrific hair-dye, you can keep yours well and truly on, boys.

Catz M1, who seemed dead-set for blades, were scuppered by Christ’s lack of pace and capitulation to Selwyn on Saturday. Fair play to them though – they did provide some pretty good footage (and reveal some absolutely shocking lines round Grassy) by releasing their “bump-cam” videos.

Christ’s W1 seemed significantly faster then everyone around them and got as far up as 3rd station on their way to blades. It’s just a shame they started too low down to have a crack at Downing and FaT. Clare and Tit Hall looked pretty quick too, but that’s how the bumps works, I’m afraid.

So, time for a few awards….

Men’s Crew of the Week: Queen’s M1

Women’s Crew of the Week: Christ’s W1

(Worst) Haircuts of the week: Caius M1

Most desired for a swap: Sidney/Magdalene W1

Men’s Divisions

Bumps Chart: First and Third Boat Club

Women’s Divisions

Bumps Chart: First and Third Boat Club