Cambridge rowing

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Rowing in Cambridge: is it really worth the bragging rights?

A novice’s experience of discovering the crazy rowing world

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Rowing: Is it worth it?

Should you join the cult?

Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club Excel at Team GB Trials

People who spend their lives rowing turn out to be pretty good at it

We asked freshers what they thought Cambridge would be like

I’ll no doubt pronounce ‘tapenade’ wrong and no one will talk to me

Save Lent Bumps

Won’t somebody please think of the boaties?

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Easter Vacation

MORWENNA JONES wants you to quit your complaining and embrace the Easter Vacation for all its flaws.

Boatie Psycho

A morning in the life of Patrick Boatman, a rower whose psychopathic tendencies cannot be contained by his college lycra…

UPDATE: Rower Finds Body In River Cam

Police believe the man found on Sunday morning died of drowning.

Churchill and Jesus Dominate Queens’ Ergs

TUSHAR DABRAL watches on as Churchill’s men and Jesus’ women take the glory on the ergs.

Hardy’s Boat Race Diary: Week 6

HARDY CUBASCH shares his thoughts on this week’s announcement of the Boat-Race line-up.

Lent Bumps Review

The Tab looks back at last week’s Lent Bumps. Who powered to blades? Who got spoons? Find out here

Lent Bumps: Men’s Preview

The Tab tips crews for blades and spoons at Lent Bumps

Lent Bumps: Women’s Preview

The Tab looks ahead to next week’s Women’s Rowing at Lent Bumps.

Trinity’s Train Rolls On Amidst Pembroke Chaos

FaT dominate Pembroke Regatta in spite of organisational fiasco. Read more here

Hardy’s Boat Race Diary: Week 2

Follow the build up to the Boat Race with Hardy Cubasch’s blog exclusively on The Tab.

Hardy’s Boat Race Diary

Blues and Australia oarsman Hardy Cubasch kicks off his countdown to the big day.

College Rowing Preview: Lent 2010

The Tab takes a look at Lent Term’s college Rowing action.