Boffin Gets the Boot

A Nat-Sci lecturer has been DEPORTED after an immigration cock up.

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A Nat-Sci lecturer has been DEPORTED after an immigration cock up.

Christina McLeish, invited to deliver a lecture course at the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) department, was shipped out of the country after her visa expired.

And to make matters worse, students were not informed until 20 minutes into the lecture.

She had recently completed her PhD at the department and also held a College Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) until September 2009.
McLeish was invited to give four talks as a ‘guest lecturer’ for Part II HPS students.

She was due to deliver a lecture on "The Language of Scientific Theories" at 2pm on Monday 18th January.

After she failed to turn up, a woman came in and told the students that their lecturer had been deported.

"We were told that it was a terrible decision by the UK Border Agency", one student, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Tab.

"The reaction was one of hilarity."

"Everyone was laughing and couldn't quite believe what had just been said.

"It was an incredibly amusing situation, certainly the best lecture I have ever been to!"

Although she left the country at the end of summer, the department had hoped she would be back by Lent Term.

McLeish is the only lecturer qualified to deliver the course.

Students have been told that if it is not delivered, it will not even be examined.

Her lectures are allegedly not considered a ‘core’ part of the course.

The astonished students were told that McLeish, who was born in Australia, had failed to extend her student visa and was caught out by UK Border Agency controls.

Though she may have been allowed to stay in the past, plans to crack down on illegal entry have led to increasingly strict controls for students.