History examiners told not to use the word ‘genius’ as it is associated with men

The statement follows news of radical History Faculty reform

Husband of university lecturer found guilty of her attempted murder

The Anglia Ruskin lecturer was dealt numerous blows with a lump hammer

Christmas Comes Early? Lecturers to Strike. Again.

Lectures may well end a day early this term, as uni staff plan further industrial action

Johnathan Zemlik

JOHNATHAN ZEMLIK is getting to grips with lecturers, and takes a look at the good, the bad and the unwashed.

Debate: Checking Lecture Attendance

LIZ ELDER and JUAN ZOBER DE FRANCISCO look at the pros and cons of checking lecture attendance.

Shower Spy: Update

An ex Cambridge student has been found guilty of voyeurism after using cameras to watch female students in the shower.

Boffin Gets the Boot

A Nat-Sci lecturer has been DEPORTED after an immigration cock up.