One Million Hits

The Tab is celebrating its one millionth hit, just 6 months after it was founded.

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The Tab is celebrating its one millionth hit, 6 months after it was launched.

The milestone was reached after Georgia Ward-Dyer, from Trinity Hall, logged on  4.33pm on Wednesday. She will be presented with a Tab t-shirt and limited edition umbrella.

Ward-Dyer said she was proud to have taken The Tab over the million mark: “I visited the site yesterday to check Christiana Spens’ column because she is the best! I’ll keep reading The Tab until Varsity and TCS learn to get a sense of humour!.”

The Tab has come a long way since its launch in May Week 2009. Numerous exclusives, extensive sports and theatre coverage and international media attention have propelled the website’s hits past the 1 million mark.

150,000 of The Tab’s 1 million hits came on October 30th 2009 after media coverage of Tab Totty, a feature which will make a return next week.

The idea was devised by Jack Rivlin, Taymoor Atigetchi and George Marangos-Gilks in December 2008. The Tab was intended  to be a newspaper, but soon evolved into a website.

“The purpose of The Tab was to get away from the patronising and dull style of other student papers. We want to give students what they want,” explained Marangos-Gilks.

The three founders were asked to name their favourite part of the last six months.

Jack Rivlin: “Actually getting with girls because I setup The Tab.”

Taymoor Atighetchi: “Helping ‘Our Becky’ on to the punts for the first Tab Totty shoot. She used my arm for support. It was rock hard.”

George Marangos-Gilks: “Eating bacon butties with Kelvin Mackenzie.”

As for their least favourite, the founders were unanimous: Senor Papparazzi. “We wanted to provide a photo service that students would appreciate, but we got it a little bit wrong,” Atighetchi laughed. “We’re still planning on providing a photo service, but obviously one which doesn’t alienate or annoy people.”