The Tab’s Top Ten Tracks

In a new weekly feature, GEORGE OSBORN reveals the Tab’s first Spotify playlist.

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We at Tab headquarters realise that for those of you musically minded but not classically trained, Cambridge can leave you feeling a tad depressed. Not exactly renowned for great gigs or even cutting edge releases, a music aficionado can feel a little bit out of touch. To try and solve this, the music review team will try to brainstorm a weekly Spotify playlist to let you listen to new stuff, inspire you or just get worked up about our idiotic/brilliant choices. In our inaugural edition, we bring a collection of the best remixes available to you in the land of free streaming, a wee morsel of a taste just to get you salivating and at the bottom we have a link so you can enjoy the whole lot in the comfort of your own room. Aren’t we just lovely?

The Tab’s Top Ten Tracks Remixes

We are the People (Wawa Remix) – Empire of the Sun Catchy but vaguely introspective pop song turned into a euphoric dance track. The kind of thing Cindies would play in an alternate reality where the playlist wasn’t total shite.

19-2000 (Soulchild remix) – Gorillaz This was featured on their first LP release but it doesn’t stop it being a fantastic slice of joyous pop-funk worth a few minutes of your time.

Na Na Na Naa (Polysics remix) – Kaiser Chiefs Japanese electro nutters Polysics are let loose on a classic Kaiser’s track, and the result is nothing short of absolutely barmy. If it were a person, it’d have men in white coats lurking behind just in case.

Ares (Villains Remix) – Bloc Party A bouncy Justice style remix that certainly reflects Bloc Party’s new raving and “having it large” direction. Properly meaty this one.

Fit But You Know it (featuring the Futureheads) – The Streets Quite probably the funniest remix on the list, the already classic chorus takes on a whole new lease of life with the “Hounds of Love” style harmonies and angular guitars. A bit deranged, but good fun.

Karmacoma (Portishead experience) – Massive Attack A meeting of two of Bristol’s finest acts is as predictable as a mix between the two would be: claustrophobic, trippy, disconcerting and absolutely brilliant.

And it rained all night (Burial remix) – Thom Yorke Taking an already fairly desolate song, Burial’s remix brings his classic “London at four in the morning pissing it with rain” sound to the Radiohead front mans solo effort with depressing effect. Still bloody good though.

I’m a Cuckoo (avalanches remix) – Belle and Sebastian A deliberate juxtaposition with the above choice, this effort pretty much neatly sums up all forest woodland scenes in spring. As soft and delightful as running through a cloud, Stuart Murdoch + Australian Hipsters = massive win.

Clair de Lune – Sebastien Tellier Former French Eurovision entrant and all round electro producer type produces a lovely music box effect on a classic Debussy work. Overall, it’s lovely and dainty.

Fences (Chairlift remix) – Phoenix Considerably better than all the other Phoenix remixes, the Chairlift effort brings a breathy XX style effect to the original that marks it out as a potential Marks and Spencer’s advert track. In a good way.

To listen to George’s playlist, simply click this link here. Those of you with Spotify simply have to log in to upload George’s playlist.