Flood-y Hell!

Cambridge is the unluckiest place to live in the UK, according to a new survey.

cam Cambridge disaster flood flooding PUNTING the anchor

Think you’re lucky to be here?

Think again!

The UK’s unluckiest homeowners live in Cambridge, new research by Honda Energy revealed yesterday.

Over the past 10 years the average Cambridge home has suffered from a series of unfortunate events, including, a shocking 22 power cuts, a major household accident and car theft.

Cambridge has the lowest annual rainfall in Britain, yet residents have experienced three separate incidents of flooding in only 10 years. In 2001 and 2003, patrons of the Anchor were left dry when the pub was swamped by at least 2 feet of floodwater.

The second unluckiest place to live is York, where periods of heavy rain have flooded homes and ruined possessions.

In addition, homeowners in York have been snowed in once and are compromised by two major power cuts every year.

Swansea comes in third, with residents having endured 21 power cuts, a car theft and one accident in the home during the 10 year study.

1 in 20 UK residents have had to move out due to an unlucky event such as a power cut, flooding or burglary.

While 7% of homeowners have seen their houses and wallets singed by fire, 1 in 5 UK households are not protected by home insurance.

However, the poll shows that the average British home owner considers their city to be a relatively safe place to live.

Top 10 unluckiest places to live:

1.    Cambridge
2.    York
3.    Swansea
4.    Worcester
5.    Sheffield
6.    Oxford
7.    Wolverhampton
8.    Chelmsford
9.    London
10.  Norwich