11 places to take your date in Bristol which will guarantee they fall in love

Met the love of your life in gravity but don’t know how to impress them without your sick dance moves? Try one of these places

The weather’s getting colder and Christmas is on its way which can only mean one thing: it’s cuffing season.

Maybe it’s time to approach that course crush or turn your freshers flatcest into something more, but no matter what you’re looking for we have created a list of the perfect places to take your date.

Let’s face it, that vegan Bristol student you’re in love with isn’t going to be happy with a date to Nando’s or Low and Slow BBQ. And as much as we all love it, does steam really have the romantic ambience you’re after? Or are you just finally done with a cheeky snog in bed Mondays? We have come to the rescue to help you win over that special someone so your parents will finally stop asking why you’re single.

1. The Bristol Lido

Are you keen to strip to a speedo and show off that physique?

Something unconventional and a bit of fun is the perfect way to have a blast with your new boo. Maybe playing mermaids isn’t your idea of fun, but the Lido also has an indoor bar where you can enjoy a glass of wine whilst feeling like your on holiday by the pool.

2. The Cube Cinema

I hear you, why mess with the classic first date? Dinner and a movie is a tried-and-true staple of dating, but we’ve found the perfect twist for your edgy Bristol student.

The Cube in Stokes Croft offers visitors a unique experience full of Bristol culture. Showing artistic indie movies, both vintage and modern, the Cube is sure to impress your date with your appreciation of art and hidden Bristol knowledge. The Cube welcomes everyone and tickets are less than £10 so it’s the perfect indie date for students.

3. Comedy night at The Barrelhouse

Some of you may have been to the Barrelhouse for their spectacular happy hour discounts (£5 cocktails before 10pm) but you may not have heard of their weekly comedy event.

Boasting some of Bristol’s best local comedians, this Wednesday comedy night will have your partner smiling all evening, which is the best kind of date. Tickets are just £3, and those cheap drinks will keep you laughing through some of the more rookie acts.

4. Panunzio’s kitchen

Looking for something as sweet as young love? Panunzio’s Kitchen is the place to be. A 5-minute walk from Woodland road, this ice cream parlour is the perfect spot if your date is a fan of the classics.

Taking your date for some late-night ice cream (open till 9.30pm) and a walk around the city at night for some deep meaningful conversations could be the perfect way to get closer and learn about each other. It’s a simple option and you can’t go wrong because who doesn’t love ice cream?

5. Axe throwing at Whistle Punks

Is your crush more of an adrenaline junkie? Or are you looking for a way to show off your alpha dominance? Either way, Axe throwing is the perfect first date for you.

What could be more fun than an instructor led 70-minute class about how to throw sharp blades at a target? Whistle Punks also offers pizza, beer and cocktails so you can fuel up for all the action.

If you’re after a date that says “yeah I’m different and dangerous” then it doesn’t get better than this. Just be careful not to scare off your date by acting like you’re in the shining…

6. Picnic

If you fancy keeping things simple, why not pack up a picnic and take your date to one of Bristol’s beautiful parks or hills? If you and your date are the type to take things slow, consider taking things back to nature. Sandwiches, strawberries and a bottle of wine are the perfect combo to win hearts and the Bristol views are already romantic enough.

Taking a stroll up Brandon Hill, or a walk around the downs with views of the stunning bridge over the Avon gorge is the best aphrodisiac for earning a first date kiss. An excellent date for those balling on a budget because the great outdoors is free.

Pro tip: in these winter months make sure you bring a jacket to lend your date, so they instantly fall in love.

7. The Lanes

I’m sure you’re no stranger to The Lanes, it is one of Bristol’s hottest event venues and full of students after dark, but you may not have been in the day for the other activity on offer.

They aren’t called the lanes for no reason, they are also a bowling alley which is the perfect way to show off your athletic ability to your date. From just £6 a game, you can absolutely destroy your crush by clearing the pins every-time or graciously lose so they think you’re humble. Either way this date is guaranteed to be a strike!

8. Flight Club

If you want to get competitive in a swanky setting, you need to check out Flight Club. You and your date can play darts in a lively atmosphere with music and a gamemaster to help wingman you.

It’s a beautiful classic style bar with cocktails and drinks to help get your convo flowing. If your date likes things a little out there, then you’re sure to hit the bullseye with this one.

9. Chance & Counters

This is the perfect location for a quiet afternoon with your crush. Check out Chance & Counters to play some cute board games. Tucked away on the Christmas Steps this little board game café boasts over 900 different games for you and your partner to enjoy.

If you want to roll the dice of love and see if you get lucky then this could be your ideal date. Just a warning, do not attempt for a first date if you have ever flipped the board playing monopoly.

10. Clifton Suspension Bridge Visitor Centre

Is your crush an engineering student that you haven’t been able to tear away from their books with anything? We have found the guaranteed solution: a museum about the suspension bridge.

On the Leigh Woods side, this little museum is the dream date for both history and civil engineering students. It is full of facts about Brunel who designed the bridge and described it as “My first love, my darling”. Take your own darling here and they’ll be swooning in no time.

11. Clifton Observatory

One of the best hidden views in Bristol is “The Giants cave”. This secret tunnel is hidden below the Clifton Observatory and is dug into the side of the cliffs beside the suspension bridge.

You and your date can climb down the stone steps until you emerge in the cosy viewing area hanging over the Avon gorge. Definitely in the top 10 niche spots for a make out.

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