Bristol Uni puts up posters in the ASS, reminding students how to use the toilet properly

Bristol Uni launches a new initiative to fight the ASS problem

Bristol Uni has launched a flyer campaign teaching students how to use their toilet facilities correctly.

Campus team propaganda has been spotted at multiple locations around the uni. The posters read: “Please ensure you do not use excessive amounts of toilet paper in these toilets as they can block easily. Thank you for your cooperation.”

A Bristol Uni spokesperson said: “Unfortunately toilets in the library are being frequently blocked with large amounts of toilet paper. We are in the process of putting information in all the toilets reminding people how they should be used correctly.”

“We are very conscious this is causing unnecessary disruption during the exam period and apologise for any inconvenience.”

These useful posters arrived in libraries following a spate of toilet blockings last week which left the ASS out of action. At the time, a Bristol Uni spokesperson said: “The Arts and Social Sciences Library was closed as a precaution last night after a blocked toilet was reported. We were able to take quick action and sort it out before it became a more serious issue like it did on Sunday evening.”

First year neuroscience student Tash Brown said, “I find it quite useful.”

“Previously I didn’t know how much toilet paper I should’ve been using. More than anything I want to thank the campus division for informing me,” she added.

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