Meet the Bristol Uni student who wrote her dissertation on Taylor Swift

Her lecturers were worried her diss would just be ‘10,000 words of me singing her praises’

A Bristol Uni student is making waves after writing her final year 10,000 word dissertation on Taylor Swift.

Evie Chiles, a third year Sociology and Philosophy student, has garnered almost 100,000 likes on Twitter after posting about her dissertation titled “Look What You Made Her do: Swift Negotiations with an Inherently Sexist Music Industry, A Case Study of Taylor Swift”.

The 32 page dissertation tackles the misogyny Swift has faced throughout her career and we are here for it.

We caught up with Evie to find out what inspired her to do such an amazing diss. She told The Bristol Tab: “I wanted to use my niche knowledge of Taylor to expose a sexist music industry.

“I was there for the years of character assassination, slut shaming, feuds, the snake fiasco, countless reinventions, she had a sexual assault case, various battles to have control over her career…there’s a lot to unpack”.

Evie admitted that when she told her lecturers of her idea, they were worried her diss would just be “10,000 words of me singing her praises” but she believes that they must have “seen much more rogue proposals” than a Swift diss.

Taylor Swift fans have gone crazy for Evie’s dissertation with hundreds of fans calling on Evie to release the dissertation so they can read it. She said: “I was actually surprised by how nice people were being, it’s definitely a lot less cool to hate Taylor on Twitter now”.

There have still been a small group of people online criticising her work and brushing her off as a “hysterical fan”. Evie had the last laugh though telling us: “I loved those comments though because they literally prove my whole point”.

With Taylor Swift dating former Bristol Uni student, Joe Alwyn, it might not be long until we see her strolling down Whiteladies reading Evie’s dissertation. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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