As it happened: Seventh Bristol Kill The Bill protest

There were about 150-200 people out on Friday night


A seventh Bristol Kill The Bill protest was underway in the City Centre on Friday night.

Protestors gathered on College Green from 6pm, and set off on a march through the city centre with a heavy police presence following and shepherding the crowd.

They successfully disrupted traffic by marching down towards the underpass leading to the M32, over the Bearpit roundabout and through Cabot Circus. The crowd was smaller than the original protests, with an estimated 150-200 people in attendance.

They were protesting against the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which is set to give the police far greater powers to respond to protests, including the ability to stop protests due to noise levels and disruption to the public. The government believe this Bill is necessary as the current legislation, Public Order Act 1986, is not suited for “the highly disruptive protests we experience today”.

In a moment of high tension, a police squad intervened and made specific arrests within the crowd. As the man was dragged away, Protestors chanted “We are peaceful, what are you?”.

The crowd were also heard chanting “Who’s streets? Our streets?”, “No justice, no peace, F*** the police”, “Boris is a racist” and “All cops are bastards. ACAB”.


After deliberation on College Green, protestors decided to move the march to the police station in Old Market.

The protestors engaged in some call and response chants, calling “Cops lie” and responding with “Don’t believe them”.


Protestors headed down to the M32 for the second time during this march. Police were able to block the protestors by getting ahead of protestors the first time they attempted this route.


Police blocked access to the M32, with a heavy presence of police cars, riot vans and police dogs.

Once again, protesters walked by police chanting “We are peaceful what are you?”.


Protestors attempted a sit-in on the Bearpit roundabout, which quickly failed as the crowd moved on.


Protestors staged a peaceful sit-in at Broad-quay outside the Hippodrome, Boots and Pizza Hut.

There was a heavy police presence surrounding them, but considerably less protestors.


After a brief sit-in, crowds began to disperse peacefully and head home. Protesters ensured that anyone walking home alone had someone accompanying them.

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