Parsons is the greatest bakery in Bristol and no one can tell me otherwise

Forget Pinkmans, forget Bakesmiths and don’t even consider Source Cafe for lunch

My beloved Parsons, it is hard to put into the words the emotions that solicit my soul when your name is mentioned. You live merely a short walk away, yet it feels like a chasm when I am locked away. With maternal embrace, you welcome our poor starving bodies with a warm embrace, the promise of coffee and soothing pastries beckons us to your doors.

Alright, enough with the flowery language, but I think my point is evident enough, Parsons, you are the greatest bakery to ever grace Bristol.

I mean what is there not to love, great food, great coffee, and the nicest staff out there. Let alone that drool-inducing smell that wafts out the door.

When asked the inevitable question of what am I going to have, my mind drifts between two solid options. Do I go for a classic, or am I going to be adventurous today? A good old pasty always hits the spot, and those delicious flapjacks round off any meal perfectly. On the other hand, those sandwiches are amazing, and to try out all those different buns and cakes, oooh I tingle at the prospect.

Of course, the value for money stands out for me. Source Café is… grim. Cold soggy sandwiches and expensive coffee really put me off. While Parsons isn’t the cheapest option in the world, the holy trinity of pastry, sugar, and caffeine comes at a very reasonable price. The two rolls for £2 or the four donuts for £1 may or may not entice me every time I go, and £1 cakes after 2 pm make for a perfect afternoon snack.

What makes Parsons even better is its wonderful ability to make any day better. Impending cranial implosion because three hours of theory is a crime against humanity? Parsons. Flatmate burnt down your kitchen and you feel like killing them? Parsons. Total system reboot required after a day in the lab or the ASS? You better hope it’s before 4 pm because the answer is always Parsons.

So if you are ever in the vicinity of uni and feel like finding a new addiction, the solution to life’s problems and the warm berth of pastry induced love, go to Parsons, and you’ll find a home away from home.

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