Meet the new team bringing FUZE back this year

And you thought you were edgy? Have you even seen a FUZE show???

The FUZE fashion show is back, revamped and ready to make your sense of style feel as inadequate as ever. For those of you that don’t know what FUZE is, it is one of biggest events of the year. It is a charity fashion, music and dance show (essentially a ‘fusion’ of everything flamboyant, creative and beautiful).

Since its debut in 2003 FUZE has raised £120,000+ for charity. The entire show is organised and performed by Bristol students.

This year FUZE is going to be bigger and better than ever, and will probably have you questioning your Depop stocked wardrobe. The new team have built a website detailing everything you need to know about FUZE. Below we have detailed some of these fresh exciting changes.

So maybe ditch your entry fee to Grav and spend a night learning from the fashion gods instead?

If you want to get involved in FUZE, they will be holding casting calls for models. The team stress that their casting open to everyone and is really inclusive; you don’t have to be a conventional model type, everyone is invited to get involved. They’ll also be casting for dancers and singers towards the end of September and in early October.

Now with all that said and done, it is time you got to meet the brand new FUZE team.

Managing Director – Pippa Adamthwaite-Cook

“With experience in production and directing, I believe there is no better creative opportunity than FUZE. It is a Bristol-based organisation run by inspired and like-minded visionaries with a passion for social change.

“As Managing Director of FUZE 2021, I want to make sure that everything we do reflects our core values of inclusivity, diversity and creativity, whilst also creating a truly powerful show unlike anything that’s been seen before.”

Commercial Director – Alexandra Hurst

“I am thrilled to join FUZE 2021 as commercial director. This year we aim to increase our audience size by over 50%. I am most looking forward to working closely with so many talented people.”

Charities Director – Ella Gryf-Lowczowska 

“I have a passion for utilising the arts to support others. I want FUZE 2021 to support refugees and Bristol’s BAME communities. I’m eager to help spread awareness of the issues at the core of our charities’ work.”

Dance Directors – Hugo Soer & Tom Carron 

Hugo: “I have had a long-standing interest in theatre and dance and am so excited to be part of the FUZE 2021 team. After being a choreographer and model last year, I am eager to integrate the different elements of FUZE (dance, fashion and performance).”

Tom: “My life has been heavily influenced by the performing world and it is a pleasure to again be a part of FUZE, this time as a Dance Director. I am excited to be working with such an excellent team.

“The dance aspect of FUZE this year will include group and solo performances, classic styles such as contemporary, jazz and tap being performed alongside hip-hop, heels and latin-ballroom pieces. Dancers will exude confidence and showcase the best of young Bristol talent.”

Music Director – Ed Rowe

“I would love to help make FUZE 2021 more diverse and work alongside all creative teams to create a beautiful show.

“The music section of FUZE, will showcase an enormous range of talent including rap, singing and live instrumental performance. We will host open mic nights throughout the year as well as create a live lounge es-que video series to showcase some of our amazing talent.”

Fashion Directors Elsa Rae Llewlyn and Jack 

“With our love for fashion and a desire to find the best independent designers of 2021, we can’t wait to fulfil our collective dream of making this year’s FUZE the most inclusive, surreal and dramatic show yet.”

“Fashion this year will exhibit cultivating catwalks, avant-garde couture, and streetwear. We want to reject fast fashion and create a safe space for expression.”

Marketing Director – Lawrence Pettifer

“I have a passion for film, photography and creating digital stories. I joined FUZE because I wanted to be part of this incredible campaign. The aim this year is to increase brand awareness and raise money for charity. We will combine FUZE’s traditional methods of marketing with new ones.”

Artistic Brand Director – Sophie Cherry

“I want to use FUZE 2021 to expand the brand and further FUZE’s ability to offer an inclusive platform for young creatives to develop their skills. The brand’s online representation is crucial to every aspect of FUZE’s interaction with its audience. I want to create animated and dynamic advertisements for events by producing specific video content for the three main components of the FUZE show – dance, fashion, and music.”

Sponsorship TeamClementine Borthwick

“In order to run, FUZE has to meet the technical costs of the production, such as venue hire, stage construction, professional lighting, sound rigs as well as seating. In previous years we have been sponsored by Coca Cola, Propercorn and Red Bull.”

All Photos: @alicesuttonphotography 

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