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Everything you missed at the UoB Charity Fashion Show

#work it

In case you missed it, February 13th marked the first ever University of Bristol Charity Fashion Show.

The event raised over £10,000 for Off the Record, a Bristol-based mental health charity.

The Bristol Tab went along to capture the very best bits of the night.

UBRFC got their kit off for the Oddballs Foundation to raise awareness of testicular cancer

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…and then danced

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The girls SLAYED

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Edge O Beyond

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Miss Crofton

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Gloria Jane Royer

Shh Streetwear told a story about struggling with mental health

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Shh Streetwear

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Shh Streetwear

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Shh Streetwear

There were 20ft holograms of the models

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Lydia Jackson Designs

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Lydia Jackson Designs

Serious Timothee Chamalet vibes were channelled

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Wild Apparel

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Wild Apparel

And some audience members wanted to be involved too… maybe next year hun x

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