Here is everything you missed at FUZE 2020: Metamorphosis

From GraceFitUK’s baby TALA to flapper girls, FUZE 2020 had it all

For anyone who has been living under a rock for the past few weeks, or just distracted by the fact the world has gone into meltdown mode, FUZE is the largest student-run charity dance, music and fashion show in the UK.

This weekend FUZE took over Loco Klub to raise money for Second Step, a Bristol-based mental health charity. The theme, Metamorphosis, told a story about growth and positivity, opening up the conversation about mental health.

The Bristol Tab went along to bring you the best bits.

The Venue

Loco Klub is a really cool space by Temple Meads in the arches under the Passenger Shed. The show was set up split between two of the caves, with two main stages and a catwalk that snaked around the space. There was also a marketplace with local brands selling their merch, including Yallah and Mimi’s Garms.


The show started with a ballet performance, followed by some contemporary dance.

Contemporary dance duo

All of the dancers were really talented and it was clever how they moved between the two separate stages during the performances, mirroring the theme of Metamorphosis.

Ballet dancer

Flapper girls transported the audience temporarily back to 1920. Judging by the state of 2020, we would have readily accepted the reinstitution of the prohibition if it meant saving us from this current mess.


The dances alternated with fashion walks showing off every type of clothing, from sophistication, to streetwear, to GraceFit UK’s sportswear brand TALA.

There were leather skirts. There were pink suede stiletto-heeled boots. There were cat-eye glasses. Everything was sexy.


Sunglasses? Indoors? At night time? It’s called fashion, look it up.

The TALA girls showed off some serious sass

Sophistication to the max

The whole show pretty much screamed sex-appeal and fun. These models’ dancing summed up how we felt about the evening…


The best thing about the night was definitely the live music. Students performed everything from TLC to Disclosure, to Oasis, fitting the vibe each clothing brand.

The eclectic mix of singing, dancing and fashion all came together really well. Serious respect to the choreographers!

Final verdict? FUZE 2020 was a massive success. Unlike any other show in Bristol, it combined music, fashion and dance for an unforgettable performance whilst raising money for an amazing cause. 10/10 would drag myself the whole way to Temple Meads to watch again.