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OPINION: Why I’m voting Green

It’s not all tree-hugging and tie dye

In light of the climate crisis, I want to feel confident I am giving my vote to a party who will consistently place environmental policy at the top of their agenda.

Bristol has a really positive reputation for being a Green city, and most Bristol students would agree that the climate crisis is one of the most pressing issues facing humanity.

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Myself- centre

We now have a golden opportunity to elect an MP who will fight to tackle this in every way she can

Most students live in the constituency of Bristol West, where Carla Denyer is standing for the Greens.

Not only has she served the city as the councillor for Clifton Down since 2015, Carla was also the first person in Europe to put forward a motion to declare a Climate Emergency. This passed in 2018, and paved the way for a wave of further declarations – most recently from the European Parliament.

Carla’s impact speaks for itself, but what’s really capturing attention in Bristol, is how refreshing she is as an individual

An antidote to the stuffy old men so often seen on the benches of the commons, Carla is young, energetic and principled. She recognises the voices and value of students, and has already visited Bristol University a number of times.

What’s more, she actually has a real chance of winning

Thanks to the Unite to Remain campaign, the Lib Dems have stood down in Bristol West, meaning Carla is the only representative of a remain party standing in her constituency.

It’s almost certain to be a two horse race between the Greens and the Labour Party here. The only other parties standing are the Tories, who get around 13 to 16 per cent of the vote (based on the last couple of elections) so have no real chance of success, and the Brexit Party who, let’s face it, will struggle to win many hearts in one of the most remain-supporting areas of the country.

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Green students out campaigning

In this head-to-head, there’s a unique opportunity to vote for the party you really believe in

One of my favourite characteristics of Green politicians is that they are rare to engage in tear-down politics.

Rather than heavily criticising other parties, or resorting to personal attacks, the Greens recognise the importance of cooperation, and can rely on the fact that their policies and candidates are strong enough stand up to scrutiny.

A common misconception is that the Greens are a one-issue party, but this description is heavily misleading

The Greens have comprehensive and fully-costed social, economic and foreign policies, and the advantage they have over other parties is that these are all made through the lens of the climate crisis.

The party recognises the need for structural and political reform to solve environmental issues and does not shy away from radical or innovative methods to bring this change.

I feel that the Green Party manifesto will be the most beneficial for students and has a clear aim to create the best possible future for our generation

The scrapping of tuition fees, huge increases in funding to the NHS and social care, the introduction of Universal Basic Income, de-carbonisation of the economy, and of course a commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 are fact-based policies with clear strategies for achievement.

The Green Party doesn’t pander and doesn’t ‘play politics’. It is a party with clear principles, that truly wants to create a better world.

We’re all tired of the chaos of British politics. Vote with hope, vote for change, vote Green.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Bristol Tab.