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We can guess who you’re voting for based on your choice of study space

Bet you got Beacon

With the general election fast approaching, students are thinking more than ever about politics.

Whether you are registered to vote at home, in Bristol or not at all, we can guess who you are going to vote for based on your choice of UoB study space.

Because when it comes to political parties, what better indication of your preferences is there than where you choose to spend your darkest days.


With its fancy oak-panelled interior and neo-gothic charm, its hard to see anyone who does the mainstay of their studying here voting any way other blue. Wills' population of 3rd year lawyers are just months from shedding their Bristol-brand of champagne socialism for a job in the city. Even if they’re not in the Tory camp yet, give it another election cycle and you’ll see the tables turning in line with their increasing bank balance.

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Senate House

With its views beyond the city into the grassy fields of Somerset, it’s all but certain those who study here don’t want that lost to the sprawling concrete jungle. The green party is probably who you’re going to be casting your ballot for whilst you stare dreamily out the window thinking about how lovely a wind farm would look on that hill over there.


People who study here are typically found wearing flares, a vintage Nike jumper from Depop and smoking a rollie on the steps outside. You think you're edgy, when in reality the shabby chic look has been and gone, just like the fortunes of your favourite party, the Lib Dems.

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The SU

The SU is miles from any other university building, the perfect place to study if you happen to enjoy avoiding the rest of campus. Your isolationist tendencies make the Brexit party your new best friend, and your hard-on for cheap balloon bar pints in the middle of the day a perfect reflection of the average BP voter.


Ah, the centre of campus, a warm, safe retreat full of relaxation. If your studying takes place here, you already know you’re voting labour. With their safety net of vows to eliminate student loans and return to the grants of yesteryear, worries about realistic spending can be safely ignored just like you don’t worry about how much your 3rd coffee of the morning is hitting your overdraft.

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Beacon House

Home of university Senior Management, if you study here you probably tell yourself you’re a floating voter, who will ‘vote for the best of a bad bunch’, which is code for, ‘I’ll vote for whoever’s in power’, as uninspired as your choice of study space.

Education Library

Everywhere else is shit and mainstream, you’re going to spoil your ballot.


If you can’t even make the walk to the library to study, how are you going to get down to the polling station? Bet you haven’t even registered to vote.