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‘There is no space for hate’: Bristruths responds to ExeHonestly scandal

Don’t worry! Bristruths isn’t closing down

Bristruths have issued a statement in response to a number of racist posts that appeared on Exeter University’s confession page, ExeHonestly.

The admins of Bristruths said: “Bristruths has always strived to be a platform for free speech but there is no space for hate based on religious, racial, or ethnic background on our pages.

“Given this, we have always, and will continue to review every post with scrutiny and never wish to make people feel unsafe, if you have an issue with a post please send us a private message so we can address any problem.”

The posts on ExeHonestly involved references to Hitler and Neo-Nazism and were reported by Exeter Uni to the police, who treated the situation as a hate crime.

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One of the posts

One post included the text: "People's favourite number? Mine's 1488."

14 is white-supremacist shorthand for the phrase, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." 88 stands for Heil Hitler (H is the eighth letter of the alphabet).

After a number of posts like this, ExeHonestly subsequently closed down, but two new Exeter confession pages have already opened, gaining thousands of likes in just three days.