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Nando’s gives UoB student 70 litres of Perinaise

That’s 70 bottles and 1500 sachets

Bristol third year student, Ravhi Karia, has been sent around 70 litres of Nando’s Perinaise. This is just one of the perks of his job as a Nando's rep.

It was only after he secured this job that he admitted that he couldn’t eat the famous mainstay of the Nando’s menu – the chicken.

Ravhi confided with The Bristol Tab that he’s a vegetarian, no doubt making his job representing a restaurant that almost exclusively sells chicken, a little difficult.

After telling his colleagues that he wasn't not partial to the bird, he admitted he does really like their sauces.

Within weeks, 70 bottles and 1500 sachets of the sauce mysteriously appeared at his front door.

While this amount of free sauce sounds like an excellent deal, Ravhi explained that it hasn’t been without its issues. One of his housemates tripped over the gargantuan boxes of sauce in the middle of the night and subsequently fell down the stairs.

What are they putting in the sauce?!

To beat the rapidly approaching use-by date of the sachets, Ravhi has been attempting to distribute as much as possible. He has even tried giving them away to the SU’s balloon bar.

The SU have a policy against single-use plastics, so unfortunately, Ravhi's offer was declined. With little over a month before the Perinaise expires, the situation is getting increasingly dire.

Ravhi admitted to The Bristol Tab that he’s tried to use the excess sauce as a chat-up line. Apparently he's had some success, even managing to swap snapchat in exchange for sauce.

It remains to be seen if he will resort to having Perinaise on his morning cornflakes.