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Bristol’s latest club night boasts £1 entry and £1 VKs

Quids In is coming to Pryzm just in time for freshers’ week

It’s long, fairly wide, but essentially deeply unsatisfying. I’m talking about the queue for BED Mondays at Gravity (a.k.a Bunker if you’re trying to fit in with your older sports-playing mates who probably came after the name-change anyway).

But you still go there, because where else would you go on a Monday night?

Pryzm? Yes, Pryzm. It doesn’t look like a word but it is in fact a club, one that has for too long borne the brunt of Bristol student scorn.

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Hands up if you want a VK!

Starting on 16th September and running every Monday after, Quids In will be coming to the harbourside night club and will pretty much do what it says on the tin.

£1 entry. £1 guestlist. £1 beers. £1 VKs. It’s basically a Nectar card but fun. Need I say more?

Yes, I need. They’re also offering free McDonalds at the end of every night. FREE MACCIES!

See you in freshers’ week.